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Artistic Milliners Careers
Artistic Milliners Careers
Member Since, Jul 01, 2022
Karachi, Sind
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Artistic Milliners is a global denim powerhouse with a strong focus on automation, innovation, research, people and planet. With a legacy of more than 70 years, Artistic Milliners is a multi-faceted, vertically integrated denim and garment manufacturer with dedicated spinning, denim and garment manufacturing. Headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan, Artistic Milliners has a growing global presence in Dubai and the United States. Being a responsible business, we believe we have the power to change the world. And we are certain that by maintaining our roots while looking forward to the future, we can make a tangible impact on the communities we’re part of. We are on the lookout for Game-Changers, someone who can challenge the status quo. To join a diverse network of highfliers and achievers. Our roles go beyond manufacturing, so that no matter which team you join, you’ll be supported and empowered to prosper. It’s up to you what you do next. A Transformative Journey Awaits You!

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